Watch Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Online
WWII rages and Dr. Watson is a volunteer at a convalescent home where several murders occur. Watson summons Holmes for help and the consulting detective proceeds to solve the crime from a long list of suspects. Watch Sherlock Holmes Faces Death online.

Watch The Voice of Terror Online
Wartime Britain, a covert radio broadcast calling itself “the voice of terror” directs Nazi agents to carry out attacks and espionage. Sherlock Holmes is called to track down and stop the broadcast. Watch The Voice of Terror online.

Sherlock Holmes - Dressed To Kill
When innocent people buy music boxes, they are mysteriously murdered. Sherlock Holmes sets out to discover why a group of villains, including a beautiful woman, are after the seemingly worthless music boxes. Could it be they contain Bank of England printing plates? Watch Dressed To Kill online.

Watch The Hound of the Baskervilles Online
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate the legend of a supernatural hound, a beast that may be stalking a young heir on the fog-shrouded moorland that makes up his estate. Watch The Hound of the Baskervilles online.

Watch The Greek Interpreter Online
Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet with Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and learn of the strange case of Mr. Melas, a Greek interpreter, who was roused from his sleep in the middle of the night and required to interpret for a man who was clearly being held against his will. Watch The Greek Interpreter online.

Watch The Red-Headed League Online
Sherlock Holmes in investigates the strange case of Jabez Wilson. The man was recently offered employment by an organization known as the Red Headed League. While is seems at first to be a harmless prank played upon the man, it’s soon revealed to be a much more a sinister scheme. Watch The Red Headed League online.

Watch The Six Napoleons Online
Inspector Lastrade drops by Baker Street to socialize and presents Holmes with his current problem. He is baffled by a series of apparently senseless burglaries in which the only thing stolen is a small bust of Napoleon, which is later broken into pieces by the thief. Watch The Six Napoleons online.

Watch The Resident Patient Online
Sherlock Holmes is approached by Dr. Percy Trevelyan, who is the recipient of a rare good deal for a practicing doctor: a man named Blessington had set him up in an office in exchange for free medical care. Despite several successful years of this arrangement, Blessington has become suddenly agitated. Watch The Resident Patient online.

Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
The year is 1910. Mycroft Holmes asks his brother Sherlock & Dr. Watson to travel to Vienna and find the stolen plans & prototype for an electro-magnetic bomb detonator. Once there, they are reunited with Irene Adler, who has once more taken up her former profession as an opera singer. Watch Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady online.

Watch The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes Movie Online
Christopher Lee shares the world of Holmes with a tour of London and a 1929 interview of Holmes’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since his ‘birth’ in 1887, Holmes has appeared in print – four novels and 56 short stories, close to 211 on-screen adaptations, and a number of unofficial reprises. Watch The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes online.

Watch Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century Online
When Sherlock Holmes plummets down Reichenbach Falls, a natural time warp transports him into the year 2249. There he is patched up by Rigillian Dr. Whitson of Harley Str. Hospital. They soon team up with Holmes’ great great grandniece, Yard Agent Mycroft Holmes. Watch Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century online.

Watch The Case of the Screaming Bishop Online
This Columbia animated short is a spoof of the Sherlock Holmes movies, which were being made over at rival studio Universal at the time. In this film, a dinosaur skeleton goes missing so Hairlock Combs and Dr. Gotsome set out to try and find it as well as the thief. Watch The Case of the Screaming Bishop online.

Arthur Wontner as Sherlock HolmesArthur Wontner (21 January 1875 - 10 July 1960) was a British actor best known for playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective Sherlock Holmes in five films from 1931 to 1937. Wontner made his first stage appearance in 1897 and his first film 18 years later. Some Holmes aficionados prefer Wontner’s studious interpretation to the more aggressive, energetic portrayals of Basil Rathbone. Ironically, Wontner landed the role on the strength of his performance in the 1930 stage production Sexton Blake, based on a pulp-fiction character who’d been created as a Sherlock Holmes imitation. In later years, he played several small but memorable character roles, such as the elderly automobile fancier in Genevieve (1953). Read more Famous Sherlocks Arthur Wontner.

Nigel Bruce as Dr. WatsonWilliam Nigel Ernle Bruce (4 February 1895 - 8 October 1953), best known as Nigel Bruce, was a British character actor on stage and screen. He was best known for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in a series of films and in the radio series The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes). Bruce is also remembered for his roles in the Alfred Hitchcock films Rebecca and Suspicion. Bruce’s signature role was that of Doctor Watson in the 1939-1946 Sherlock Holmes film series with his good friend Basil Rathbone as Holmes. Bruce starred as Watson in all 14 films of the series and over 200 radio programs of The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Although Watson often appears to be the older of the two main characters, Bruce was actually three years younger than his co-star Rathbone. Read more Famous Watsons Nigel Bruce.

Famous Watsons - Martin FreemanMartin John C. Freeman, born 8 September 1971, is a BAFTA Award-winning English actor. He is known for his roles as John in Love Actually, Tim Canterbury in the BBC’s Golden Globe-winning comedy The Office, Arthur Dent in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and as Dr. John Watson in the BBC’s new production of Sherlock. Three episodes of Sherlock aired in 2010 and another three are due for release in 2011. The first episode, “A Study in Pink”, was broadcast on 25 July 2010 to critical acclaim. For his performance in the role he won the BAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor, 2011. Unlike some film Watsons, portrayed as light relief, Freeman’s Watson is a man of action and great purpose, as well as the teller of the stories. Like the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories Watson is recently returned from military action in Afghanistan. Read more Famous Watsons Martin Freeman.

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